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2019 Acheson Business Awards

We will be handing out the much-anticipated Acheson Business Awards at our upcoming AGM on October 17, 2019*. This year we are accepting nominations for Brick & Mortar, Best Innovation, Community Service, and Acheson Business of the Year awards. Businesses may nominate themselves or be nominated by another business/individual. Nominations must be received by Thursday, September 26, 2019.

*In order to be eligible to receive an award, a representative must be available to attend our AGM and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 11 am - 1:30 pm at Coast West Edmonton Hotel.

Brick & Mortar - Excellence in Presentation

This is an award to recognize an ABA member or associate member that has a high curb appeal including:
  • Overall appeal of the grounds and building

  • Maintenance quality of building and/or landscaping

  • Unique feature

  • Quality landscaping projects

Best Innovation

Awarded to an ABA member or associate member that demonstrates unique solutions and approaches to challenges, is an industry changer, or has developed a product, service, technology, or process that is new to the market.

Community Service

Awarded to an ABA member, associate member, or non-member located in the tri-community demonstrating exemplary leadership in community volunteerism.

Acheson Business of the Year

To be eligible for nomination, a business must:
  • Be located in the Acheson Industrial Area;

  • Be a member of the Acheson Business Association

  • Have operated in Parkland County for a minimum of one year; and

  • Demonstrate outstanding customer service, environmental leadership and/or community involvement.
I would like to nominate this business for the following award:
If possible, please give us the contact information of the business you are nominating:
Name of contact person:

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