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First Retail Tenants open at Acheson Commercial Corner

Everest Development Group is pleased to announce that the first phase of retail tenants at the Acheson Commercial Corner site are now open for business!

The Acheson Commercial Corner site is located at the southwest corner of Highways 16A and 60, directly adjacent to Glowing Embers. The first phase includes Subway Restaurants franchise; a local independent wine and spirits retailer operating as Acheson Liquor; and a restaurant/seafood wholesalers Codfadder's Seafood.

“The Acheson Industrial Area continues to show steady growth and we are very pleased to see Subway opening in the Acheson Commercial Corner,” said Mark Edwards, Director of Economic Diversification. “On behalf of Parkland County and the Economic Diversification Department, I would like to welcome Subway, Acheson Liquor, and Codfadder's and wish the new owners success in this new venture.”

The developer, Everest, has been working on making this site a success for several years, and is confident the next phases of tenants will be operational on the site shortly.

"We are acutely aware of the growing demand in the Acheson Business Park for enhances retail and service options," says Zachary Penner, Director of Sales and Marketing for Everest. "Our vision for Acheson Commercial Corner  combines meeting this under-served need with the vision of a unique destination site. The coming phases of Acheson Commercial Corner will include an indoor trampoline park, a cardlock gas station, car & truck wash, and an indoor sports centre".

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