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Increasing Building Net Operating Income with Solar

If you are a property owner looking for a value-added opportunity for your property, then it’s a great time to consider a light industrial or commercial solar installation.   A solar installation will reduce utility electricity consumption which leads to reduced building operating cost, and reduced exposure to the volatility of energy prices.  Light industrial and commercial buildings with high energy performance outpace their neighbors on operating expenses, rent premiums, increased marketability, occupancy and asset value.
As of last year, solar ranked as the number one source of new electric generating capacity in the United States at 39%.  Bloomberg News reported that 190 Fortune 500 companies collectively managed to save as much as $3.7 trillion in 2016 through emission and energy reducing projects like rooftop solar. These days, going green doesn’t just mean having a greener corporate image, it means saving green. With solar panel prices having dropped 80% since 2008 and the Alberta government offering a limited time 25% rebate on the cost of a solar installation, the time is now to outfit your building with solar.
Terrapin Renewables helps building owners go solar with a complete turn-key solar project that will increase the value of your building, increase the net operating income and improve your sustainability with little to no attention required from building owners. Terrapin Renewables will design your solar system, procure the highest quality equipment, project manage the construction of the project, handle the rebate and grid interconnection regulatory process, monitor the systems functionality 24/7, allow you to see hourly energy production, and take care of the operations and maintenance to ensure maximum energy production and profits over the life of the system.  In addition, Terrapin Renewables can assist building owners finance the projects with lenders in a manner that could equate to net savings from day one.  Let Terrapin Renewables’s experienced team help you increase the net operating income of your building asset with solar.

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